1. 09:09 18th Jan 2014

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    "If scientists choose not to engage in the public debate, we leave a vacuum that will be filled by those whose agenda is one of short-term self-interest. There is a great cost to society if scientists fail to participate in the larger conversation — if we do not do all we can to ensure that the policy debate is informed by an honest assessment of the risks. In fact, it would be an abrogation of our responsibility to society if we remained quiet in the face of such a grave threat.

    This is hardly a radical position.”

  2. The Mondayest Monday That Ever Mondayed

    Your best Monday tunes, poems and jokes would be most appreciated and karma’d back to you.

  3. 10:30 8th Jan 2014

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    Reblogged from therumpus

    The center of the Earth is a place of wonder and mystery. Some people believe it’s full of mole men. This is untrue. I know this is untrue because mole men aren’t real and probably never were. I say probably because I’m not willing to say mole men are impossible.

    Ted Wilson Reviews the World #215: The Earth’s Core (via therumpus)

    Have you guys been following this? Ted Wilson’s “week-by-week review of everything in the world.”

  4. 06:10

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    How to Get Excited About Biking to Work When it is 19 Degrees Out, by Erin

    1.) Layer up.

    2.) Good Day, by Nappy Roots.

    3.) Repeat.

  5. 20:44 2nd Jan 2014

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    The best.

    The best.

  6. 12:38 30th Dec 2013

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    Springtime? Oh? Not yet? Okay.

    Springtime? Oh? Not yet? Okay.

  7. 09:25 27th Dec 2013

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    • stop over-committing yourself (FYI: each day only has 24 hours, as it seems you’ve somehow forgotten that fact)
    • leave the house in one try each morning (current average: 3-4 by the time you remember your keys, lunch, bike lights etc.); your housemates would appreciate the reduced thunking around in the wee hours of the morning, I’m sure
    • lead climbing qualification lead climbing qualification lead climbing qualification
    • maintain and cultivate your hobbies (but with respect to Item #1)
    • mountains, rivers, waterfalls, oceans and an island or two
    • plant the best garden you possibly can in that too-small backyard
    • don’t let anyone you love fall through the cracks: you’re busy, but not that busy
    • make and do, make and do, make and do, rest, repeat
  8. 11:24 16th Dec 2013

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    heart swell/heart break/heart swell

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  9. Have y’all heard about this?

    Thanks, Bee, for the head’s up, you’re a peach.

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  10. 16:29 10th Dec 2013

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    Hurricane, Mary Oliver

    It didn’t behave
    like anything you had
    ever imagined. The wind
    tore at the trees, the rain
    fell for days slant and hard.
    The back of the hand
    to everything. I watched
    the trees bow and their leaves fall
    and crawl back into the earth.
    As though, that was that.
    This was one hurricane
    I lived through, the other one
    was of a different sort, and
    lasted longer. Then
    I felt my own leaves giving up and
    falling. The back of the hand to
    everything. But listen now to what happened
    to the actual trees;
    toward the end of that summer they
    pushed new leaves from their stubbed limbs.
    It was the wrong season, yes,
    but they couldn’t stop. They
    looked like telephone poles and didn’t
    care. And after the leaves came
    blossoms. For some things
    there are no wrong seasons.
    Which is what I dream of for me.